Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 1 in the field

So I made a list of first impressions my first day and then also some things I've noticed through the week I hope you enjoy:
-Humidity is the devil. Cutting my hair was wonderful in the mtc and now I look like a pom pom. Seriously it curls and frizzes and I look like a dang fool. alas
-everyone dresses so well!!!!!!
-my allergies are ALIVE!!!!!! they are really bad here but alas I'm on the hunt for some meds (mine are all the drowsy ones and I'm drowsy enough as it is)
-people are really nice! they want to understand me and want to be understood. They are very patient. Especially when I tell them how long I've been here
-people believe in themselves. That is the common thing. "I don't believe in God. I believe in myself. People who believe in good are poor like the people in Africa. But I believe in myself so I have a good life" →yes that's a real and frequent reply
-the chocolate is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!
-Three course meals....yep i like it here starting with the best antipastas ever!!!!!!!!! bread and cheese for every meal no joke.
-first day we were served vodka shots with our of course they were sent away
-people think our church is all about money...or perhaps church in general
-water is gold!!!!!!!!! They have the best water here!!!!!!!!! And they serve it in gorgeous vases so it's served like a lavish drink.
-it smells terrible here
-within minutes of arrival we were being made fun of by French girls behind us....apparently americans are a joke
-you can tell the elders that have been here a while from the new ones by how they dress
-seriously fashion is a big deal here. the men wear tailored suits and skinny ties and nice shoes...thank you!
-EVERYONE notices the mormon missionaries! People are constantly staring. it's funny to watch people look at my tag and practically take off running or at least avoid eye contact like i'm flipping Medusa or something
-just in the first day I met at least one person from Russia, Singapore, Africa, Turkey, Portugal, Puerto Rico. The first day contacting I was with a chinese speaking elder and he acted like he couldn't understand us so the elder said, "nederlands?" no "english" no "chinese" no and then the man said Russia so I said the one word I know in Russian which is goodbye and the elder was like "ahhh you speak russian?" and by this time the guy was leaving so alas I needed Brittany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Mom, you would die. There are so many birds here and they are super friendly...too would pass away
-yep we eat with our left hand. it is so hard and I am ultra uncoordinated. it's embarassing really
-i don't really like the meat here
-my first day contacting a man looks at my tag and says "you're from here" and I said "no but my family is" and he says "yeah is it Frisland?" I don't know so alas! but it was super cool.
-I'm in Dordrecht which is the man made Island and it is awesome I really love it!!
-we've had all dutch lessons so far but one and I think we taught 16 lessons last week
-the drop is soooooo good
-biking here is sooooooooo cool!
-everyone...well, most people smoke cigarettes
-they are so much more technologically advanced than America
-by looking our the window in the morning I have no idea what weather I'll experience that day
-yes, it rains alot
-gouda quesadillas are money
-riding a bike in a skirt in the wind= challenge
-i am getting sunglasses pronto. so many things fly in my eyes every day
-The Netherlands suffers from chronic wind
-people try to get me to speak apparently my dutch isn't as good as I think it is
-there is an amazing African family in our ward and the first thing they said to me was "you are welcome here" awwww it was so nice
-in sacrament yesterday I forgot how good there bread is and when I took one I was like "what is this?" the bread is so good. nothing in america can compare
I really love it here!!!! It is beautiful the food is great the people and members are great. my trainers are great! It is by far the hardest thing, but it's all good. People will listen on the street but they won't hear more. it's hard but it's all good. it's so worth it. to be honest I can't understand hardly anything around me and it's hard but people are good. I truly believe that. everything is going well here. I am so busy I think about you and pray for you everyday! I love you so much! I hope all is well.

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  1. July 8, 2013
    Hallo Zuster Chelsea Elting,
    Just read about your first week in the county of my birth.
    I am your Grandma Ria's brother I go by Lo. My full Dutch name is Lodewijk Jacob Andriese.
    I will make an effort to check your blog frequently. I find your writing and take on Nederlanders en Nederland very interesting, so will be interested as time go by, as to your take on other experiences.
    I have a Grandson (Austin Andriese) who is on a LDS mission in Guadalajara, Mexico, his Mom forwards his email to me, also interesting but the experiences are totally different from yours of course.
    I do not no if you have an email address, as I may find an old jpeg pic., you may like to see, and could forward.
    For now I believe you to be very busy with all aspects of the work you are there to do in the Netherlands. Dordrecht, wow only a few km. from the stomping grounds of my youth, being an expatriate of Rotterdam.
    Will not detain you much longer with my rembling, so will close
    with ~ veel success met het werk. ~ Lo Email: