Monday, July 15, 2013

Sorry folks, I have been a bit behind posting Chelsea's adventures.  Over the last couple of weeks she has faced some ups and some downs.  Pretty typical of an L.D.S. mission.  She loves the food (at least the chocolate and drop which is licorice). She has already been blessed with the opportunity to meet a relative of hers.  She went to Belgium to get her visa and was able to do some fun stuff while she was there.

So now that your up to speed here is her latest e-mail.

So hello, this week has been great. I don't really know what to say. It has been perfect weather here well, plus wind so what else is new? Great news my freckles have made an appearance so that's Always nice. I am getting enough sun that is for sure and I have some awesome missionary tanlines!!!
Well, our baptism was cancelled because of the smoking addiction our investigator can't kick. well, wonder of the week: he is getting headaches every time he smokes!!! this is a huge answer to all of our prayers and a blessing he received. He is doing really well and last time we checked he hasn't had any!!! so awesome!

So "wonder" in dutch is a miracle if that didn't make sense. Well this passed week was actually kind of off. didn't really know why or how or anything just that it was off. then we had district meeting and an Elder gave us chocolate and since that moment we have seen tons of miracles and our week was wonderful after that! so I would be lying if i said I didn't believe there was a direct correlation. Last week we didn't buy any chocolate (which is rare and also stupid) because we're are trying to be healthy or something like that. But truth is if we want to see miracles we must have chocolate. truth.
First stroopwaffle

Elting relatives

My welcome from my companions





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  1. Amazing, that church is very huge and I want to go them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    link for familycare (FCF)

  2. Kira (Zus. Anjewierden) has loved serving with Chelsea! We went to Zus. Townsend homecoming. Amazing! Match made in heaven.