Monday, August 5, 2013

dierbare familie,
I felt very proud reading that you called my city Dort. It is my hometown for sure. I love it here I never want to leave. So it's been a blazer here. a good 36-38 degrees c which is dang dang hot. Well I actually don't know just how hot it is but it feels so hot!!!!!!!

So, first week of transfer two goes like this. Day one I get lost without a companion in Leiden. super fantastic I'm saying all these goodbyes and good lucks and suddenly I look around and I have no companion so I called everyone and their dog and had a nice sister escort me to the train station where I went back to Rotterdam where apparently I was supposed to be. Allllllssoooo before we left for the station in the first place we were achteroping which is basically where one person sits on the back of the bike while the other rides. It's hilarious. I was riding and zr Anjeweirden is on the back well I hear this awful sound and then all the sudden the bike stops and yeah so we are late because some stupid wire thing decided to wrap my tire all in it was a sign. So then all that jazz goes down in Leiden and I find sister packer and her 3 suitcases and no bike. So achteroping again....i think not so I stashed my bike and we got home yadda yadda. then we decided to go to Sliedrecht and look some people up before our dinner appointment. Well, it turns for the bike was making an awful sound but then as Sister Packer was trying to get on the back again. it was done. my wheel bent completely and it was just done. So we walked for days to the appt and then they took us to the station. So as of now both my companion and I have no bikes.

I really don't envy the missionaries that have to walk. It is totally different. It has helped me to learn the bus and train system really quick and also my way around with shortcuts and whatnot. This week has been a challenge to say the least. Also found out it will be cheaper to buy a new bike than to get mine fixed.  I will be probably buying a new bike soon. Thankfully our district leader told us that they may have some at the mission office which would be such a huge blessing but who knows.

It rained that last two days which was so great. we haven't seen rain for weeks....who knew? also, the thunder here is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the loudest I have ever heard everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Today we went to Rotterdam to play futbol with our zone. on our way there we took an intercity train which just means it doesn't stop until we get there. but we are riding along and then we're stopped. everyone starts freaking out saying this isn't normal. we are just chillin on some tracks. and the only thing I could think is....Bane is here. Any second now we are going to hear his scary voice over the intercom. yep, I was so certain. But alas it wasn't true just my IMAAAGINATION.

I don't really know what else to sayyyyyyy, oh wait I do!!!!!!!!!
If you would like to help me out. I think that you all do. Please please do your visiting and home teaching. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please do it! i would argue it is near the most important job in the church. Please do visiting and home teaching and also let your visiting and home teacher visit you. Sometimes it seems like a burden but it is soooooo belangrijk and noodzakelijk and lots of other important words. Please please. If you are not being visited. het mag niet uit!!!!!!!!!! the worst thing I have heard out here is "no one visited me so I'm not going to do my visiting or home teaching" oh GAG me! That is the most absurd thing I have EVER heard. Well, be the faithful home or visiting teacher for some one else, and seriously you don't have to have a lesson or treat but just make sure you leave them better than you found them.

 Let a sister know what I can do for you. what I should pray for and who needs mail..... I need your addresses if you want mail. Also, if you have e-mailed just know that I won't e-mail back, I would prefer to write letters to just know they are on there way if you've e-mailed and I have your address. Keep them coming I love reading emails from you all!

Peace and blessings
Zuster Elting

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