Monday, August 5, 2013

Sorry I didn't write last week. our email time was cut short. Sad. but alas. So recap from what you missed in a day in the life.
Last week was possibly terrible. One of our companions left and although it really actually wasn't a bad week it just felt off. We had exchanges and I had to lead the city...bad idea. well actually it would have been fine except that day we had planned to go to a dorp we have only been once before and that week we lost the map. So it´s me and a dumb GPS on the phone....yes it was a long day. The poor sister with me was ever so wonderful despite me. It was terrible. That was literally the worst day of my mission so far. but alas turns out I survived and I know more than ever of the greatness of God and my own nothingness.
After having a bummer week we deemed this week ``Redemption Week`` and it has been the best week of my mission thus far!! Funny how that works. Prayer has played a huge role and it´s silly to think I wasn´t taking advantage of prayer like this the whole time. The blessings are there, they are pending I just need to ask for them. It is shocking to see the things the Lord is willing to bless me with if only I ask. This week I feel comfortable with Dutch. It has been a huge blessing and has curbed my fear of talking with people. It has been so wonderful. Our numbers for this week weren´t perfect but ``Redemption Week`` has been a game changer.
SOOOO I may or may not have found boterkoek. if it is ridiculously disgusting and ugly and just ughhhhhh then yes I found it. My companion and I were looking for a treat for weekly planning and I saw a box of what was called Boterkoek and I thought ``could this be???`` so I bought it and it was the grossest thing in the world I tried so desperately to like it but it was impossible and it was straightway thrown in the trash. So I hope that isn´t what our family has been searching for, the coveted boterkoek. I am still looking because I know it´s out there somewhere....but where?
Next order of business, there are rednecks everywhere. We went to a stake activity on Saturday and guess who was on the playlist? Alan Jackson and my girl Shania Twain. Yes sir, Dutch people can be rednecks too. It´s good to know really.
So, Wednesdays are transfers and guess who is staying in Dordrecht????? MEEEE! I am so happy! Unfortunately my trainer is leaving which is a major bummer but we have put it into the universe to be companions again later. I am ultra nervous but it´s going to be a great growing period and I LOVE Dordrecht so I am so happy to be staying. Sister Packer from my MTC group will be my companion and we will be training one another for the next 6 weeks. Yes that means us two 6 week old missionaries are running Dordrecht. The Lord has crazy faith in His missionaries. It is going to be wonderful. I can´t wait to see what she can bring to Dordrecht.

Also I have seen some crazy stuff these last two weeks. I´ll just leave it at that but man crazy stuff.

So, last week all of the sudden I haven´t been as sleepy. Getting up in the morning is easier and I´m not dying mid-afternoon now. I thought, sheesh i guess I'm just barely getting over jet lag. I've been super grateful for that but I was just puzzled for how it just suddenly was okay. Then I got your letter. Thank you so much for your prayers. You cannot even imagine how big of a difference it has made. I just started bawling when I read that it was your prayers. Thank you so much. Prayer is real and God hears you and He answers you! It has been such a testimony builder. Thank you thank you.

I love you sooooooo sooooooo much. I am doing well, I pray for you and I can most definitely feel your prayers. Keep them coming! I need them! Well, have a great week. and tune in next week who knows what will happen here in Dordrecht.

Ik hou van jullie,
Zuster Elting

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