Monday, November 4, 2013

October 21

Well, we went to the temple this week. It was epic! Oh man, it was so cool in Dutch I paid more attention and even thought I heard quite a few things I don't remember ever hearing. Also found out I really cannot say patriarchal in Dutch. It's dang hard. The temple here is so small but beautiful! As for a sort of theme there I got the feeling it was falling water but when I asked the workers said there wasn't a theme they knew of.

A lot of people from our mission are leaving and that is a huge bummer HUGE! They gave their ""dying testimonies"" and it was emotional.

Opposition my friends, it's everywhere. So my first day here I popped my bike tire and have riding a bike that's pedal falls off well one night it was just done. It's really late and really dark and the pedal falls off and we can't find the screw anywhere so we walk it to a members house because we have an appointment to get to so we go to the appointment and no one showed up. boo. So we take a bus home and have to pick the bike up the next day. Well it is a good 20 minute bike ride on a working bike but with the bike without a pedal Sister Morris and I took turns scooter biking it home. When we first began it was slow and it's dark and raining and then to make our trial even better some kids come out and start throwing fireworks at us well, more near us just to scare us. But you know how I am with fireworks so yeah. Classy. It was such a work out and man we were SORE! Near the end I couldn't do it anymore and so I held on to Sister Morris and she biked us both home. We even had some people cheering us on it was funny. We arrived on time home and safely! aaaaahhhh trials.

Our week in a nutshell would consist of lots of fallen through appointments and lots of knocking doors. We actually went out the other day and wrote with chalk """" or ""waar kom ik vandaan voor dit leven?"" and unfortunately we didn't have enough chalk but we're going to write the plan of salvation when we get some more! It'll be great! We make the most out of every day! We have a lot we really just have been keeping on keeping on. We see little successes everyday so it's been really great we just need to put forth our effort and time for a bit and the Lord will take care of it!

One of our investigators came to church! it was great! the ward was so perfect and welcoming and she had a great time and told us she received an answer to one of her questions so that was AMAZING!

that brings us to last night......welllllll lets just say THE STANDARD OF TRUTH HAS BEEN ERRECTED! PERSECUTIONS MAY RAGE! MOBS MAY COMBINE! Well we are tracting along at about 8 last night and we get done with a street and turn around to go get our bikes and there is a crowd of sorts on our path so we walk towards them. A woman runs at us and then another woman and they are just screaming at us! We calm them down and find out that they've called the police on us and have the whole neighborhood thinking we are two thieves trying to get in their houses. Zr. Morris said she literally just couldn't understand what they were saying she just heard ""police"" so I explain who we are and apologize for scaring them. (two 20 year old girls in skirts are pretty scary you know) and everyone calms down and they just tell us to go and they'll explain things to the police when they come. It was madness. Zr. Morris said if the police came she would have just starting reciting the standard of truth! hahah really it was quite scary thinking back but during that moment it was fine it was truly help from God that helped calm these people down because I mean the old lady got literally the whole neighborhood up in arms about us. It was crazy. And right when had turned around the elders called and they were actually on the line when this happened I just kept the phone on so they could hear everything. It is pretty cool because we asked why the elders even called and they said they didn't know why they just felt they needed to. It was really comforting to know that the Lord takes care of us even when mobs are combining!
Tune in next week.
Zuster Eltingof fun and when we stop having fun we switch and do something else. That is the trick we've found so

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