Monday, November 4, 2013

September 30

So, we're knocking doors and we meet someone from Morocco, Spain, Indonesia, and Italy. I love knocking doors it's either really good or really funny. I got to use my little bit of Spanish it was awesome! And the Italians taught us some Italian. Coolness!

On one of the doors I feel like I need to talk to them about prophets so, the little girl is translating what I say to the old man (they are Moroccans) and they are Muslim so prophets are kind of a sore subject but we proceed. Then he just leaves randomly and comes back and tries to hand us money. I do not know what he heard from what we were saying maybe it was when I was saying that we need help in the world and that's why prophets are so important. hahaha anyway it was hilarious.

Zone Conference was EPIC! So great. We talked about the total mind shift. Made me realize I need to build my faith more. I'm limiting God by thinking things will fall through or that no one will say yes. It was a great wake-up call.

So, I realized something the other day. Well a poster reminded me actually. something very frightening is going to happen soon. Halloween? No... something much worse. Two words...Oktober fest. Yes, I don't know why it didn't occur to me that that would be happening but ohhhhhhh man.

Also, the way to open public doors here is by pushing a giant red button. The red buttons that look like world destruction buttons....yes those ones. I don't know why I need to tell you that it just throws me off whenever I have to push one.

Also, a member made us Mexican food this week! Woot woot. It was epic, it still didn't have beans but itally delicious nonetheless.

We finally got in touch with an inactive we have been trying to contact for a long time! She was so excited to see us and we have a dinner appointment later this week. She has a niece out on a mission in the US! She says she's been thinking about church lately and that she needs to come back not for her but for her children's sake. It was so cool to see that because we were starting to doubt we would ever contact her. We hope to help her see that is not just for her children's sake. That it is for her too.

On the other side of missionary work our baptismal dates don't have dates anymore and are really having a hard time keeping appointments or commitments. It's pretty crazy how things change so fast and it is evidence that the adversary is real and he has power. Only the power we give him of course, but tragically that is quite a bit sometimes. We are trying to figure out what we are doing wrong and how we can help them better. It's been a couple frustrating weeks. Growing pains. But we've picked up another investigator and our work with inactives is going really well. Reactivation is missionary work too!

Zuster Packer and I have decided that missionary work is just wifey training. We serve, we cook, we clean, we teach, yeah. So I see what the prophet is doing getting more sisters out man. We award each other wifey points when we do some homemaker thing well. I lost points the other day for losing my temper with the plastic wrap. Boo. We even reward the elders wifey points to. We're thinking it should be a twelve week program.

The weather has been cooling off its about 18-19 degrees celcius which I don't know how much that is but it's not THAT cold and everyone here has like serious winter coats on. I don't really get it. We were out one night with just light sweaters on and these people bundled up said "lekker weer, eh" and started laughing. I was so confused because we weren't cold I don't know what they were laughing about. Apparently we're super funny.

Love you all!

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