Sunday, June 1, 2014

We've had a couple of interesting experiences this week.  We were invited in by a family who's sole intent was to bible bash and they just slaughter us.  It was wretched, they said stuff like "the Book of Mormon is nothing" and "God creates war" as well as awful things about our Savior.  Both my companion and I were crying. It was truly awful.  But then yesterday, it happened again and we knew exactly how to handle it. We've learned we just have to be bold and take control of that situation.

 I have decided that Heavenly Father is the master choreographer and life is just a dance! We have seen evidence of the Lord's hand in our life this week.  First, we were knocking on doors and this woman opens up and says that she has been expecting us.  She said that we had talked to her friend 14 days ago (she had been counting) and was preparing to meet us.  She invited us in and told us that she was so sad (her husband had recently passed away). She told us we couldn't take the pain away.  We told her that we most definitely could not take the pain away, but that the Savior could and wants to. We testified that God loves her. She said that she doubts that. We told her that us coming to her door is evidence that He is aware of her, and loves her. He sent us to her door and He prepared her for our visit. Another example is we had been teaching  this family and we could tell that the mother was struggling or worrying about something however every time we wanted to ask her about it typical family and life situations were always occupying her attention. We knew we needed to speak with her alone and free from distractions so that she could open up. Well during our visit this week, as dinner was concluding an opportunity presented itself, which never happens in this household.  We knew that the Lord had choreographed that opportunity so that we were able to help her.  It was wonderful.

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