Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well, we have received some unexpected opposition.  I am trying to find what it is that I'm supposed to learn from this but the defensive part of me is getting in the way.  I am really looking forward to the growth this experience can bring. I guess it is preparing me for the real world. It is very odd and so strange and has been a struggle for me.  My mom told me before I left that she hoped I would encounter hard things to strengthen me, well I am.
Our new friend came to church again and this time she brought her nephew and that was cool.  That means we have to translate for them, which is rather difficult but actually really fun!

We went to a concentration camp this week.  Whoa, it was pretty crazy.  Kamp Vught was a labor camp and mostly a transportation camp. So people went there and prayed they could stay because the next step would be a death camp.  Oh some of the things were so sick.  They have a monument for all the kids that died there and their ages.  It is horrific.  I took as many pictures as I could before my camera died, but I didn't know if it was appropriate to smile so some of them are awkward faces.

So my companion does not like fish and I don't like tomatoes well.... we went to an Armenian member's house for lunch after church and guess what we had.  Her favorite, a traditional Russian head soup.  Besides the eyeballs staring at me and the tomato pieces (which I swallowed whole) I rather enjoyed it, but my poor companion suffered.
Well, I think I like salmon.  I've just been in a seafood mood and salmon was my only seafood option at a sandwich cafe and so I went out on a limb and loved it.  Also, the fish head soup was salmon and I thought it was delicious. So hey, who knew.
Finally, this week we had several bad moments with animals.  A swan hissed at us (so scary especially the size of swan it was) frogs are everywhere (who knew?) we saw a water chicken fight. Crazy!

I'm being transferred to Haarlem!!! I leave on Wednesday. I have mixed feelings. Yesterday was super hard. I knew I'd be leaving and I was just looking at all the ward members and how much I love them all. But I know it will be good.

Also, I will be companions with a sister training leader which means that I will go to different cities two times each week and work with different sisters. So I will be going to Amsterdam with Zuster Morris! I am super stoked!

Lately I've had less and less people tell me my Dutch is good and also less and less people ask me to repeat things so I'm taking that as my language is getting better. When Dutch people compliment your Dutch it's because they didn't understand what you said and know they have to say something back after you spoke. The problem now is I am going to a different province where the Dutch is different.  Here they speak Brabants and so i speak Brabants and in Haarlem they speak the most modern and correct Dutch so in a way I have to relearn the language based on the culture of where I live.

And, YES the tulips ar out in full force!!!!

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