Sunday, June 1, 2014

We had a special experience. A school invited us to present to them and eat Thanksgiving with them.  So it was a class of about 40 kids ages 13-14. We presented about America, Thanksgiving and about our church. Talk about freedom of religion.  They specifically asked us to talk about our church, where it comes from, why it's different and well, anything. It was bilingual class so although they are Dutch the class is in English.  All the kids cooked a huge meal for us and they had to do it the American way, which means with recipes using cups and tbsp not grams.  We went in the kitchen with them and this one group was assigned to make rice crispy treats and I walked over and, yeah, they were not what rice crispy treats should look like.  So the teacher comes over and asks if they followed the recipe, to which they replied "yes". So then she says "Oh really, what is an ounce?" The kids didn't know and turns out 8 ounces of marshmallows to them was 8 marshmallows total.  I was dying, it was hilarious.  The food was great! The kids did a wonderful job and they were so fun. They participated in our presentation and asked questions and we all had a really good time.  We gave them all cards and even the head of the program came in and started asking us questions during the presentation.

Thanksgiving dinner was spent with a family in the ward who's son just left on his mission.  They cooked a great Dutch/American Thanksgiving complete with crokets on the table with the dinner. It was awesome.
We had a dinner appointment this week with members and their little boy was hilarious. He kept pretending to shoot me and then apologizing and telling me it was just a joke. Then we played Jenga and I ask "What's your favorite animal?" and he replies "you", I was cracking up.  Then he went behind me (I'm sitting on the floor) and he's doing that hiding from me thing, and I ask who it is and he says his name, and I say "I don't know him" and he gets annoyed and yells who he is and where he lives.  I then turn my head to look at him and he kisses me on the cheek. Oh man, it was so funny!

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