Sunday, June 1, 2014


Everything is going well, we had a dry week contacting but have seen a lot of success with members.  On Thursday however, we went to go get our Nederland ID's and there was a huge storm!!!!!! All the intercity trains were shut down so we have to take sprinters everywhere.  A two hour trip took us seven hours!! While we were at the train station they announce a "code red", well we don't know what that is so we asked a girl on a train a couple of days later and she looked at us like we were crazy. So a "code red" is like an emergency broadcast, it is  announced on TV, radio, internet, everything. It means "DO NOT GO OUTSIDE"


So, at a dinner appointment with nearly half the ward (since everyone here is related) people started freaking out about my boots and saying they are going to buy me boots. I told them I already talked to my mom about it and I've just been putting it off because it hasn't been bad weather and now today one of the ladies is coming with us to make sure I have "good" boots.  *Side note, the boots are a little torn up, I mean not like my blue shoes I wore in Boise with the holes in the bottom. But Dutch people are obsessed with clean and things being in good shape. You should see how often they are cleaning their windows and cars. Uncle Tim is right. No one, NO ONE has a dent in their car.  Unfortunately the Dutch care more about my worn down boots more than I do. 
One of the coolest miracles is we were asked, that when we pray to ask people that we are with if there is anyone that we can pray for. Well we did that with an lady who let us in  and she just started crying, and told us to pray for her daughter and granddaughter. So we did and she cried all through the prayer and then when we were done she takes the Book of Mormon and says "I think this might be what I need right now." It was pretty amazing. We have an appointment with her this week.

Christmas in the Netherlands

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