Monday, June 2, 2014

My week has been really good.  Not wearing a watch has taught me a lot. I am more aware of how much the Lord can do for me, if I but let Him.  I have learned, so far, a lot about BEING where I am when I am there.  Sometimes I will catch myself looking at the clock on the wall while in and appointment, knowing that we need to leave soon but then I am instantly chastised because I should be 100% there while I'm there. Sort of like the man who chases after two rabbits and catches none. In that way I have felt our appointments have been better and that we are learning to rely on the Spirit more.

On Sunday we left a dinner appointment and usually when we leave this lady's house we have to run to catch a bus, but this time we felt we could walk. Along the way I stopped a man and began to talk to him...fully aware that we needed to leave. But it was cool because the conversation just wrapped itself up, it wasn't rushed and we left on great terms.  The man said he wasn't really interested but that he would look at the website. After talking with him we sprinted because we felt the need to and as we were sprinting a man on the street looks at his watch and yells "You better hope it is late!"  As we were sprinting there came the bus and the bus driver was just cracking up. We got on it perfectly and whether it WAS late or not, I will never know because we didn't have watches, but what I DO know is that God knew we needed that bus and he also knew that we needed to talk to that man.

This week has been one of the most amazing weeks of my mission. I have not felt so often that I was not actually speaking the words coming out of my mouth.  I have felt, this week, like I an instrument in the hands of the Lord and it is so interesting to experience.  One experience led to a man who had been investigating the church for 2 years to finally set a baptismal date.  July 5th!!!! Another led an entire room of people to understanding. We had a lesson at church for our investigators, recent converts and less active members. It's a class of about 15 people and one of the members teaches it and it was going a really weird direction. My companion intervened a little and brought it back just a little.  I sat in that class so uneasy. I knew I had to say something because we weren't feeling the Spirit, I just didn't know what. I just raised my hand and began to speak. The words were not my words, that dutch was not my dutch, and the entire room was still. I can't even recall really all that I said but I know that it was clear and it was bold. It was really PREACHING the gospel.  Two of the people in the class were at church for the first time and they BOTH came to me afterwards and thanked me for what I had said. It was so bizarre and it is the biggest goal I think I have in my life, to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord at all times.

The experiences from this week have been absolutely incredible.

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