Sunday, June 1, 2014


This week was great, birthdays on the mission are great! Everyone is so thoughtful and wonderful and I had the most delicious cake of my life.  Not sure if it was really that delicious or if me being off sugar for the last month had anything to do with it. Either way, YUM!!

In other news my companion and I received the stomach flu this week. Not fun.


I'm staying in Den Bosch for another 6 weeks!!!! This time I am getting a new companion.  Zuster Rosenlof! She was in our MTC district and she's the greatest.

Well we got dropped by almost all of our investigators so that was a bummer, but the couple that stayed came to church for all three hours and one told us he wants to be baptized. Also, it was quite possibly the windiest week EVER! I was tipped over on my bike multiple times.

In other news however, we are challenging members in all of Nederland to create profiles because that is the face of missionary work now.  We will be working a lot through the internet now...the catch is that we can't use the internet so it has to be through the members.  We've heard many people say, "oh, well I don't do stuff online".  Well you better start now because that is what the Lord is requiring of us.  So I would encourage all of you members  to make a profile also! You never know who's life you'll touch. If you are not a member go to and check out my profile and the profiles of people in your area.

Valentine's day was romantic....we were stuck in another city in the pouring rain and our dinner appointment forgot about us. We had bought her flowers too.  So we just doorbell ditched them to a random homeowner.

I finally got the birthday/hump day package. I was thoroughly entertained!!!!! Wow, that was great, I loved it! I love getting pictures. I was so freaking excited. I loved all the camel references...classic.  Thank you so much!

Great week, great weather and a wonderful new companion who unfortunately is sick.

We had a cool miracle yesterday though.  We get a call from a lady we previously taught a couple of times but due to some circumstances could no longer teach her.  She wanted a ride to church so at the last minute we find a member to pick her up and well, not only is she coming to church but also her sister and her sister's son. The son only speaks Italian but fortunately our EQ president served his mission in Italy and so was able to speak with him.

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